Business Intelligence

Analytics and reporting are at the heart of most successful businesses.  You have probably heard the terms "business intelligence" and "computer science" more than a few times (and with good reason).  Competent business analytics and reporting allow businesses to assess where they are, where they are trending, and where the opportunities and challenges lie.

The Prime Business Solutions team are experts at analytics and reporting, and can customize anything from a small graphical dashboard to track your business, to much larger scale tools.  We make use of state of the art tools from Microsoft, Google and other companies to customize a product and deliver it to your company in a way that makes the most sense for you and your team.

Please contact us regarding your analytics and reporting project, and we will be happy to generate a quote that meets your specific business needs.  If you are unsure as to what your needs are (but know you need analytics or reporting products) we are also happy to consult and work with you to determine what services are needed based on the options available.

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Business Intelligence Services

Individual Business Intelligence Report

Let us take your company's data and craft it into a professional easy to use report using MS Excel, Google Sheets, MS Access, Power BI, or SQL Server.  Reports can include data sheets, visualizations / graphs, or both.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard Report

When you need more than just a single report created and only a full suite will do, Prime Business Solutions has you covered!  KPI dashboards can include multiple data sources, data sheets, and visualizations / graphs to allow you to quickly put your finger on the pulse of your business.

Creation of Small Business Data Warehouse

Sometimes the data needs of a growing business go beyond just having a single or suite of reports created for them.  If your business has reached the need to have a dedicated on-site data warehouse environment created, Prime Business Solutions can help you design, plan, and build out everything that's needed.

** All Business Intelligence projects can be created to allow your team to update the reporting on an ongoing basis, or Prime Business Solutions can update the reporting regularly for you at on ongoing hourly rate (no monthly fee or retainer required!).

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