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The success of any business is grounded in strong analysis and planning activities. Whether you are starting a new business and need to plot a successful path to launch, or you have an existing business and are looking to refresh and refine your existing strategy, Prime Business Solutions has products and services that we will tailor to meet your needs.

Our business analysts are professionals in their field and will work hand in hand with you to analyze the market and competitive landscape to best position your business for growth and success. Contact Prime Business Solutions today for your free consultation and let us show you how our planning and analysis services can benefit your business.

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Business Analysis Services

Industry Research Report

Prime Business Solutions will research and put together a customized in-depth report on a single industry of your choosing.  The report will detail the size, competitiveness, and opportunities to enter the industry in question.  This report is tailored to new lines of business and how your company should approach and enter the market.

Competitor Analysis

Our team will put together an in-depth report of your competitors (can be local or national based on business type), and where there strengths and weaknesses lie compared to your own.  This report also includes great recommendations to tweak your existing business and increase market share.  

Product / Line of Business Analysis

Prime Business Solutions will perform an analysis related to a specific product or line of products that your company offers. This type of analysis is useful for determining the most profitable products to prioritize for the business.

Retail Location Analysis

Prime Business Solutions will perform an analysis on a prospective retail location.  The analysis will include potential customers in a one, five, and ten mile radius and include demographic, age, and economic data.  The analysis will also show estimated volumes needed for the client to make a profit from the location

In-Depth Business Review

Prime Business Solutions will perform a detailed level review of the your business and overall performance in the marketplace.  The analysis will assess the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for the business.  Your team will receive a detailed presentation with recommendations for ways the performance of the business can be maximized and changes that can be made.

Strategic Plan

Prime Business Solutions will work with your company to produce a strategic plan for the business.  The strategic plan will encompass the overall goals and vision for the company, and will lay out a high level plan of execution from the next quarter to where the company wants to be in five years.

Business Valuation

Prime Business Solutions will perform an in depth review of the client's business to determine the value of the company for either funding or sale purposes.  The company valuation review will take into account sales, assets, costs, and growth rate in addition to other attributes as needed to reach an accurate value.

Business Exit Plan

Prime Business Solutions can help create a multi-year exit plan for owners who want to maximize the value of their business before exiting or selling the company.  It is easier for business owners to meet their goals and not face surprises if a well thought out and executed plan is put in place today

Other Business Analysis Projects 

Prime Business Solutions analysts are available to work on any custom projects for you business.  No project is too big or too small.  Please contact us today to get a free consultation and quote.

**All Business Analysis services include all needed meetings and working sessions for a single low price.  Each service also includes a professional presentation to report findings that will be presented to your team.

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